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Who We Help

Various communities have formed a partnership to care for refugee youth who are turning 18 and are working towards complete immigration status. This partnership has been life changing for those involved and life giving to the youth in need

Michigan Refugee Hope has been amazing to partner with our programing at Samaritas. As a social worker who is the main point of contact with the refugee youth in our programs, we get to know them very well and often we are the first people they go to for help. The U.S. immigration system often does not work timely or in the ways that are best for our youth. Contracts and policy can put limits on how much help we can offer our youth, and the last thing we would want to be saying to them is, “Sorry, but we can’t help you anymore”, leaving them with no support and no hope. Michigan Refugee Hope has filled in the gaps and exemplifies the kind of community connection that we hope for all our youth. They provide housing, funding, and advise/support from adults who care about them. When relationships with supportive adults/communities are built, staff at Samaritas are very pleased because these connections can be long lasting and life changing for the youth, which is really what our programs are all about.

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